Tim Hamilton

Tim Hamilton is a Toronto-based comedy director known for his exceptional casting and ability to help create surprising, real-feeling, idiosyncratic comedic performances. Aside from being a staple of the commercial comedy world, Tim has also worked in a number of other forms. Tim’s relationship with the Toronto comedy community led to him directing the surreal sketch comedy show “The Second City Project,” and he also directed a feature for Warner Brothers, Mama’s Boy, starring Diane Keaton, Jon Heder, Jeff Daniels, Anna Faris and Eli Wallach.

His desire to be active in the short film world led him to creating “Truth In Advertising,” a hilarious take down of the advertising industry, which continues to be spread virally. “It’s great as a director to work in a variety of areas, as they all feed each other. That said, I always love returning to the precision of commercials."

Clients include: Toyota, Levi’s, Pepsi, Walmart, Verizon, Staples, Bud Light, Ancestry and KFC, among others.