Whitey McConnaughy

Rob “Whitey” McConnaughy’s creative output spans mediums and genres high and low; he is both a Cannes Lion winner and a former creator of the MTV pranking phenomenon Jackass.

Whitey’s many-sided skillset (which includes directing, shooting and editing) and openness to rolling up his sleeves and doing things lean and mean is in part due to his background as a highly accomplished snowboard and skateboard photographer and director, with over a dozen of the best-selling films in the genre to his credit. Since then, Whitey has cast his net far and wide across the worlds of action, sports and comedy and found a certain edge for work involving hidden cameras and real people, as evidenced by the global success of Jackass (Whitey not only contributed to the series but also wrote for and shot the first two Jackass movies.)

Whitey’s advertising takeover includes directing content for brands such as Nike, Honda, Coors, Progressive, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, EA Sports, Activision, Sprint, Dodge, Samsung and Verizon, to name a few.